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I wanted to share this Pinterest method I have used to make anything from $20 - $100 a day for a few minutes work once you have everything setup. This is a "Free Method" but you must put in the work!

I know that $20 - $100 a day might not be a lot for some people but I'm sure to the majority of new users here it's rent, or some startup cash for inventory etc. Also the other part about this is that there are no costs involved, of course some sort of a budget from the earnings down the road might be a good idea and its tough in the beginning but it pays off.

This method involves Pinterest and group boards. I created some large group boards and also got invited to dozens of others in the same niche. Lets use jewelry and eCommerce/sales as an example. You could create a bunch of boards promoting handmade jewelry and also ask to join already established ones or likewise they could be shopping group boards for gifts etc. 9 out of 10 boards allow members to invite other members so find boards that allow you to invite others if they are not boards you made yourself.

Once you have 10 or more large group boards on your profile you can start doing two things to earn money from them.

1) Sell invites to these boards. If they are sales, eCommerce boards you can invite other small business owners to pin to the board. Explain that Pinterest is one of the top drivers of traffic online. Also mention how pins don't peak in traffic until they are around 4 months old, so they will get lots of traffic for months and months from pinning there.

2) Sell pins. You can sell promotion to the same audience by telling them you will pin their items from their site or where they have them listed directly to these boards. Explain how the boards have thousands of followers and get literally hundreds of thousands of views each week. Again explain the longevity of pins and how they will be getting a good ROI using this method for a long time to come.

To sell the invites and the pins you can make an account on Fiverr or similar micro job sites. Use good keywords to get the listings out there and share them in places that your demographic hang out. If its handmade jewelry or eCommerce try Etsy users. if its mlm, work from home stuff try posting to some groups on Facebook etc and on company pages so that all the distributors of that company see it. Say that if they are not using this method to generate sales and signups then their competitors are.

This is one of many methods I use to generate a steady income each month. I would say I get about $2,000 - $2,500 a month on average from this method without doing much promotion at all. In fact now that it has been going for a while its a lot less time than I had to put in at the start. so granted it was not always that amount each month nor was it less time like it is now. I have also found some great clients doing this too for higher priced services and subscription packages. I might offer a social media management package or a reputation package etc. If they seem like they will be easy to work with I push other services to them.

This method would be a great method for a beginner to start off with to earn some cash to spend on apps, bots etc. There is no reason why someone could not scale this up and have a huge site offering invites to pages and earning 4 figures a day. I have priced it various ways via different accounts. Sometimes I offered 5 invites for $5 15 for $10 and 30 for $15, but I soon realized that Pinterest had put a limit on invites so I would hit blocks and be unable to send any more invites out. So I changed the prices to $5 for 1 invite $20 for 5 and $100 for 35 and I get people buying at every level. If they buy just one I direct them to my other service offering a pinning service so that they can pay me to do it instead of doing it themselves.

I also set up the quick replies on Fiverr so that when an order comes in I am able to do it in a matter of minutes and mark it as complete right away with a standard message that I can populate in one click. I wake up and take about 10 minutes to do 3 or 4 orders and move on to the next thing on my list for the day. In terms of dollars per hour its in the hundreds which is not bad. If I could find a dozen things that paid me a few hundred dollars an hour I would be really happy lol.

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