For those who dream big but have shallow pockets this little method is for you.

This isn't brand new everything has been done before! Learn to put your own twist on proven methods and this is a really good twist on a solid method that I use to this day.

We are going to leverage a celebrity to grow an Instagram account fan page.

Making a fan page about a celebrity should make a lot of the posts go viral very easy. They already have a ton of clout.

I did a search for the biggest pop stars and got a list of 50.

Now you can do this one of two ways. You can target one celebrity and do a hyper focused fan page on just that one celebrity or you can do a genre fan page. I like the idea of the second one because of the twist i'm going to tell you about in a minute. A fan page something like " Pop Culture Today" or something to that effect.

Copy other fan pages that are large for your bios. Make a couple of changes to make it unique don't try and reinvent the wheel or anything. You just need a completed bio and 9 pics till you get to 1k followers.

Don't try and monetize it at the beginning either that looks horrible if you try and monetize a page under at least 20k if not 50k remember this is a long play not a quick cash grab.

You are going to grow the account at first doing the follow/unfollow method, "Yes It Still Works" and I still do this. You aren't going to be doing it for ever just until you can get some posts to go viral somewhere around 1k followers to 10k followers.

Once you hit around 1k followers you are going to start to look for viral content on other fan pages in your niche and repost giving credit, you are specifically looking for posts that have an above average amount of engagement then what would normally be on a post on that account. You need to post as much as you can 6 times or more a day! (don't be that guy who posts 100, 6ish is great)

For example if a post normally gets 200 likes on a fan page but this one particular post got 2,000 likes you are going to want to repost that one. It went "viral" for them it could go viral for you as well.

I am not going to get into the analytics of posts and people faking them. Don't worry about if a post has fake engagement just repost it and move on. You are playing a numbers game.

You are going to keep doing the follow/unfollow method till you get to around 10k or if your post start going viral on their own and you get tons of followers from that. Once you start hitting the explorer page on the regular you don't need to follow/unfollow anymore.

Up until now this has all been pretty standard stuff.

Now it is time to talk about monetizing the page, of course you are going to do anything and everything to turn a buck, Shout-outs and a shopify/teespring/POD model are a must. I won't get into how to set those models right now but they are something I would definitely do. Here is where the twist lies I was looking for something different on how to monetize a fan page and I stumbled across an article on concert ticket affiliates and I got a bit excited because it's different.

I started to dig in and was blown away by what I saw, so the commissions aren't that great around 10% nothing to write home about until you start looking at the average ticket price per customer the average person pays $350 per purchase on most of these platforms that's not even the thing that got me excited. The thing that got me most excited was how long the cookie lasts the bare minimum cookie lasts 30 days and the longest was 2 years! yes you read that right 2 years. Some of the ticket prices can get pretty high as well. you could nab yourself a $6,000 sale and net a hefty $600 bucks.

This twist works in so many niches as well anything where you go to an event will work amazingly. Football, NBA, MLB, NHL, Wrestling, MMA, Movie tickets, Trans Siberia Orchestra etc.

Now get off your ass and start "DOING" get your niche down and start "NOW"